Termos e Condições

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General Conditions of FullNURSE


These General Conditions are intended to regulate the terms and conditions by which FullNURSE Lda, a legal entity with NIF 516515411, with registered office at Rua Conde Tarouca, n 13, 2560-315 Torres Vedras, (hereinafter “FullNURSE“) shall be governed.
The service of the FullNURSE unfolds in two axes of activity:
– the FullNURSEApp – which aims to give more security to nurses in their daily lives through the generation of rigorously revised technical content, in a logic of digital nursing assistant. Under this axis, the FullNURSE will make available and provide a set of high quality technical contents of which some can only be accessed upon payment of an annual subscription (Membership Plus) by the user to whom is attributed the condition of client;
– The FullNURSE JOBS site (www.getfullnurse.com/jobs) – aims to provide a new paradigm of quality and qualification in the recruitment and hiring of nurses in the healthcare area. Under this axis, the FullNURSE provides and promotes to users of the App FullNURSE job offers in the nursing area. For this purpose, it agrees with third-party entities, contracts for the purchase and sale of advertising space. These entities are also assigned the condition of client.
Use of the FullNURSE in its App or Jobs aspect implies full acceptance and agreement of all the parameters present in the Terms and Conditions described, as well as the Privacy Policy in force at the time you access the FullNURSE.
If you do not accept, in part or in full, any of the stipulated conditions, you shall not register, participate, browse or make any purchase on FullNURSE. If you access the FullNURSE, you are committing and taking responsibility to abide by the conditions set out on this page and in the Privacy Policy.
The FullNURSE reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. You are advised to check the Terms and Conditions periodically to ascertain any changes or updates.

Intellectual Property

The FullNURSE is a registered trademark and the service provided is the responsibility of FullNURSE, Lda.
The website, domain, brand, audiovisual and voice content present in the FullNURSEApp and the FullNURSE JOBS are the property of FullNURSE, Lda and are thus protected by copyright and related rights.
The user/client undertakes to fully respect the aforementioned conditions and rights, and to refrain from acts that may go against the law and rights such as copyright, related rights, among other legislation applicable to the use of images, videos, content, etc without express approval from FullNURSE.

Payment methods

FullNURSE, provides the following payment methods:
●● Credit Card
● Bank Transfer

After the payment is completed, FullNURSE will send an email confirming that the service or product purchased is paid,as well as the corresponding invoice.

Purchase conditions at FullNURSE:

For joining the PLUS subscription (App) or unlimited subscription (Jobs), the Customer shall pay the price set for that subscription, to which VAT at the legal rate in force shall be added. Payment is due on the invoice date. The same applies for ad packages (Jobs).
FullNURSE reserves the right to revise the applicable price at the end of each package, subscription or on its renewal, such revision being subject to prior notification which will be made by email to the Client.
Failure to pay any amounts due to FullNURSE on time shall entitle the latter to charge the Customer interest on such amounts at the maximum legal rate in force.
If the Customer remains in default for a period of more than 30 days from the due date of the outstanding obligation, FullNURSE may suspend or terminate its subscription, implying, the automatic maturity of the amounts due and unpaid.

Rates and taxes

At FullNURSE the prices shown are in Euros, with the appropriate VAT rates and taxes applied according to the law in force, which are already included in the price shown.

Order cancellation

The customer may cancel an order placed. You are requested to inform FullNURSE via the following email contact: geral@fullnurse.com.
FullNURSE reserves the right not to process orders or refunds in cases of data inconsistency, fraud or customer misconduct, as well as for technical issues unrelated to FullNURSE.

Free Resolution

The customer has the right to terminate the contract within 7 (seven) days from the date of conclusion of the contract.If the customer wishes to terminate the contract, they may do so by emailing geral@fullnurse.com or by completing the contact form available at FullNURSE.


The customer may lodge a complaint regarding any issue, act, information or service provided concerning FullNURSE through the complaints book or by email contact geral@getfullnurse.com.

Liability notice

The FullNURSE Lda manages this website, the mobile application and the set of associated or accessory technological functionalities with the aim of improving professionals’ access to information on specific matters of their activity, using for this purpose external public sources that it compiles, organises and synthesises with a view to being more quickly grasped by the user.

FullNURSE Lda does not assume any liability of any nature whatsoever with regard to the information made available on the platform since the same:
– is made up of public, external and dispersed content authored by third parties;
– is not necessarily exhaustive and/or complete;
– cannot guarantee the authenticity of the information reproduced;
– cannot guarantee the authenticity of the information reproduced

– consists of public, external and dispersed content authored by third parties;
– is not necessarily exhaustive and/or complete;
– The authenticity of the information reproduced cannot be guaranteed;
– The use and purposes of the information made available is not controlled by FullNURSE Lda and is the sole responsibility of the user;
– Consultation of the platform does not dispense with the consultation of technical manuals, scientifically validated formulas and methods and qualified professionals;

FullNURSE Lda undertakes to make all necessary efforts to allow the availability and continuity of the platform, as well as to adopt the security measures generally adopted in the sector to guarantee the confidentiality and security of its use and to avoid the presence in it of viruses or other harmful elements that may cause alterations to the user’s computer system.

Without prejudice to the above, FullNURSE Lda does not provide any guarantee and, merely by way of example and not exclusively, declines any liability for damages that may result from:

– interruptions, malfunctions and/or disconnections in the operational functioning of the platform and services, which prevent access thereto. Likewise, it cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or harmful elements that may cause alterations to the user’s computer system, electronic documents or files, and shall not be liable for the damages and losses caused;
– lack of quality, currency, veracity, truthfulness, legality, accuracy, completeness, reliability and/or suitability of the platform’s content prepared, produced, or issued by third parties, as well as the existence of vices or defects of any kind in the content transmitted, disseminated, stored and/or made available to those who access it through the platform or the services offered;
– actions of third parties that violate intellectual and industrial property rights, business secrets, the right to honour, personal intimacy and one’s own image, as well as the legislation on unfair competition and illicit advertising;
– illegitimate intrusions by third parties that may affect the privacy and security of the use of the platform, in no way guaranteeing that unauthorised third parties may have knowledge of the circumstances of use that users make of the platform and services;
– results of an imprudent use of the information contained in the platform without the rigour, exigency and diligence that is required of healthcare professionals.


Please check the Privacy and Cookies Policy.


All matters not expressly governed by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Portuguese Law.
In the event of any dispute regarding the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, application or respect of these Terms and Conditions, FullNURSE and the Client agree that the same shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Lisbon District Court, with express waiver of any other.

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